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David King Educational Bursary Retired

The Fredrickson–McGregor Education Foundation for LPNs has announced the retirement of the David King Educational Bursary.

Years ago, the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta (CLPNA) received a large government grant which has supported many LPNs to access post-basic education funding through the Fredrickson-McGregor Education Foundation for LPNs. “The Foundation grants available today are highly accessed by LPNs for funding of many different educational opportunities,” states Quintin Martin, Foundation President. Therefore, the David King Bursary has been collapsed into the general funding available for LPNs through the Foundation.

The Foundation and the CLPNA extends sincere thanks to David King for his commitment to the LPN profession and to the LPNs who pursued the bursary support. We are pleased to honor his legacy that leaves a lasting impression on the profession and his recognition remains on both the Foundation and CLPNA websites.

David King contributed much to the Practical Nurse profession in Alberta, first in his support as a Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, and second as a strategist and consultant for the College.

David was the first chairperson of the Education Foundation and this Bursary was established in his honour in 1998. The Foundation Trustees at the time wanted to give the bursary a special meaning by acknowledging David King, who embodies the qualities they wished to see in all bursary recipients. These qualities include a passion for lifelong learning, a strong commitment to and belief in the LPN profession, and, a wish that all LPNs be taught by fellow LPNs.

As stated in the inauguration of the award on May 8, 1999:

All of us here today have encountered in our learning lives a wonderful teacher. That special person who inspired us, helped us, or sometimes was just there to listen.

Licensed Practical Nurses have benefited from many wonderful, caring and committed teachers. Yet, in the past, it was not so important that your teachers came from other fields of training, primarily registered nurses. Today, however, you have grown into a confident, proud, and increasingly well-utilized profession. Today, as you move toward the next millennium, LPNs teaching LPNs is no longer a dream. Instead, it is the next logical step forward for a strong, growing profession.

This bursary assisted LPNs pursuing education or adult education degrees or certificates and covered costs associated with tuition, books and materials. It was an important and well utilized resource for LPNs at a time when little funding existed for this type of education. The David King Educational Bursary has been received by 40 LPNs from 1998 to 2019.

Today, Mr. King’s dream has been realized, with over 600 LPNs in educational practice areas in Alberta, with 490 of those working directly in education institutions. “We are honoured to have the vision of people like David King influence the LPN profession. It’s gratifying to see these LPN competencies not just accepted today but embraced in practical nurse educational colleges and the healthcare system”, states Linda Stanger, CEO of the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta.


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