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Grant Eligibility

The following will help you determine whether you and your course(s) are eligible to receive an Education Grant.

Grant Process

For complete understanding of the grant process from eligibility to application to payment, please read the following in order:

  1. Grant Eligibility (you are here)
  2. Grant Applications (read this next)
  3. Grant Payments

Grant Guidelines

The complete Grant Guidelines are available here, or review the frequently asked questions below:

Grant Guidelines (PDF)

Who can apply for a Grant?

To be eligible to receive an Education Grant, applicants must:

Educational programs that are a condition of receiving unconditional active registration will not be funded.

Grant Applications are subject to approval.

Grants are intended to help with tuition costs for education intended to enhance knowledge and skills of the LPN within the profession.

Transportation and accommodation requests must meet Grant Guideline criteria and are pre-determined amounts based on the distance from the LPN’s residence to the education location.

Reimbursement requests for additional expenses such as books, materials, or lost wages do not qualify for funding.

Courses must be applied for individually.

Grant applications must request a minimum grant of $100. Requests below $100 will not qualify for funding. For courses with tuition fees below $100, applicants may apply for multiple courses on the same grant application in order to meet the $100 minimum grant request.

Applications are assessed individually.

What courses qualify for a Grant?

There are a wide variety of educational courses that may qualify for a Grant if they meet the below criteria.

  • Event / Short Term Funding – Courses that qualify for Event (Workshops, Seminars or Conferences) or Short Term Funding (Certificates or Diplomas) must enhance the applicant’s current LPN position or improve the applicant’s chances of a new LPN position.
    • Examples of eligible Short Term Courses:
Foot Care Orthopedics
Gerontology Operating Room
Infusion Therapy Palliative Care
Intramuscular/Intradermal (IM/ID) Research
Leadership & more…
Mental Health

*As of July 31, 2020 immunization courses will no longer be eligible for grant funding; this is to align with the LPN regulation changes (February 1, 2020).  If you would like more information please see: Free Immunization Module Drops Course Off Grant List

  • Long Term Funding – Courses that qualify for Long Term Funding must support LPNs to develop additional knowledge and skills within the profession. For example, courses taken for the following degrees may qualify: Bachelor of Applied Human Services Administrator (to manage as an LPN), Education (to teach as an LPN), Science (to research as an LPN), etc.

Can I apply for a Grant before completing the course?

Yes. See Grant Applications for Application Deadlines.

Can I receive a Grant for courses taken while enrolled in a Bachelors or Masters Degree?

Grants are not intended for development of LPNs to leave practical nursing for another profession (ie. physician, x-ray technician, or registered nurse).


Contact the Grant Administrator at or 780-484-8886.